Outhouses on Kungsleden

Think that the premise in which you conduct your business matters? Here is our concise guide to the outhouses you’ll find on the Kungsleden! It reads from south to north, comprising the first (?) complete guide of all 39 outhouses along Kungsleden for all your needs.

The view from the very first outhouse leaving Hemavan, in the middle of a valley!

Syterbäcken: Placed in the middle of the valley. Has a window with a nice view. No toilet paper. 4/5.

STF Viterskalet: A classical series of STF outhouses. Well maintained and an abundance of toilet paper, but no USP. 3/5.

Syterskalet Emergency Hut: To the side of the emergency hut, makes no use of its great placing. 2/5.

STF Syter: Another STF classic. Reliable and dependable. Would recommend to a friend. 4/5.

STF Tärnasjö: One of the champs. Having gone all the way from Syter without any outhouses, STF Tärnasjö checks all the boxes – except perhaps a view. They are comfy, with nice seats, and one of them even has double seats! Solid constructions that are properly elevated. 5/5!

STF Servestugan: Despite the unhopsitable surroundings, the outhouses are actually surprisingly nice. They even include a series of “posters” with inspiring quotes in Swedish. 4/5.

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein.

Vuomatjåhkka Emergency Hut: Good enough for an emergency, a bit of a cold draft from beneath. Steel wires hold the structure for stormy days. A bit of a worn out locking mechanism. 3/5.

Juovatvaretje Emergency Hut: One of the highest places outhouses, this one has an even colder draft from below and leaves much to be desired even for an emergency. 2/5.

The rocky fields of Juovatvaretje.

STF Aigert: A nice series of outhouses to the side of the cabins. Once again, STF delivers – always nice to have an abundance of toilet paper! 3/5.

Rävfallsstugan: Exkluding Ammarnäs, you might have gone a long time without a dump by now. Luckily, Rävfallsstugan has some state-of-the-00’s outhouses! 3/5.

Sjnulttjie Emergency Hut: Now you’ve probably went even longer without a nice dump break! A sense of urgency has probably arrived and sadly, Sjnulttjie delivers just one outhouse – which is nice enough with decent elevation but with lots of flying friends. 2/5.

Bárasjuhka Emergency Hut: A very old fashioned wooden construction which rocks the style of a time gone by, but perhaps not the comfort. 3/5.

Luvtávrre: Surprisingly, there are a bunch of outhouses available here! All with the latest tech, keeping odors to a minimum and in a good state. 4/5 for quality and placement.

Pieljekaise Emergency Hut: A compact little thing in the hut next to the main cabin, this stretch seems to be well maintained by the region. 3/5.

Piteälven: Once you’ve left Jäckvik, there aren’t that many outhouses for quite a long time – exluding what is available near the boat. Once you arrive at the Pite river, the newly constructed camp site also has a modern outhouse – nice! 3/5.

Tsielekjåkk: Another long outhouseless stretch. Finally arriving at Tsielekjåkk with a physical pushing sensation down below, the outhouse doesn’t fulfil any dreams. It has a bit of a USP in its old school style, but its really worn down and very cold. Would not recommend to a friend, but there’s not that much to choose from here. 1/5.

Mallenjarka: We actually didn’t try it. A reason to come back.

Njahkájåhkå: A solid choice as the occurrence of outhouses increases on the more popular routes. Nothing to complain about! 3/5.

STF Pårte: Didn’t try it, wanted to escape the mosquitos.

Jågge Emergency Hut: Gets bonus points for being the first place Jonathan tried disinfected wet wipes (“It burns!”). Gets deducted points for the swarm of flies escaping when the door was opened the first time. An average experience. 3/5.

Laitaure: Since we arrived after midnight, we didn’t have time to try it. Saved ourselves for Aktse.

STF Aktse: Not only a classic STF experience, it had great access to running water as well! 4/5.

Svijnne Emergency Hut: Totally dependable, a robust mid 00s construction with the mid-price field feel. Windows with perhaps a bit too much see through for people passing by. 3/5.

STF Sitojaure: A large number of outhouses, well maintained and nothing to complain about. Even provided some reading material. 4/5.

Autsutjvagge Emergency Hut: Very suitably placed if you had some residuals from STF Sito to deal with. Don’t count on any paper though! 3/5.

STF Vakkotavare: Running water is such a bonus! Not in the toilet that is, but for cleaning your hands afterwards. Not the nicest placement however, but that’s the case for the entire cabin. 4/5.

STF Teusajaure: Was good enough for our quick splash and dash. Seemed to have a bit more odor and flying activity than typical at STF cabins. 3/5.

STF Kaitumjaure: How could we ever say anything less than perfect about this place. 5/5.

STF Singi: Typical STF standard. They are a bit of to the side (at least the southern ones), which can be nice for a more solitary experience, but is quite unpractical when the weather is poor (which tends to be the case). 3/5.

STF Singi going with the classical strategy of putting the outhouses of to the side.

Kuoperjåkka Emergency Hut: The outhouses around the emergency huts on this northern part of Kungsleden hold quite a high standard. Never anything to worry about! 3/5.

STF Sälka: Down to the side, a series of outhouses can be found. Overall typical STF standard. If anything, a bit suboptimal that the short path there is a a bit up and down, something a irritated stomach and tired legs don’t approve of. 3/5.

Tjäktjapasset Emergency Hut: Perhaps the highest placed outhouse. It even has traditionally locked doors – wow-factor! Surprisingly high standard for an outhouse by an emergency hut. 4/5.

STF Tjäktja: Well maintained. Thin walls… 3/5.

STF Alesjaure: The biggest fjällstuga on Kungsleden also has a large amount of outhouses, well placed and nothing to complain about! Might have utilised the view better. 4/5.

Šiellajohka: Just before STF Abiskojaure, crossing a suspended bridge, there is a sudden lone outhouse – what a nice surprise! Not in the best state however, might as well hold out for STF Abiskojaure. 2/5.

STF Abiskojaure: Typical STF standard but with the biggest paper rolls we’ve ever seen! (Atleast in a outhouse) 4/5.

When you have big business to conduct, you need the right tools!

Abiskojåkka: We mostly like this one because just 100m before it, Julika declared she had needs and would head out from the trail with her shovel. We go around a corner and find this there. We laughed. 2 laughs / 5.

Nissonjohka Camp site: There are surprisingly many outhouses, but then again it is the only campsite in Abisko national park. Well maintained and sets a nice standard for people beginning on this end of things. 4/5.